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Randy A.

"Mr. Sundeen helped me with child support issues.  Dealing with the court isn't easy - and having an attorney who has so much knowledge is a plus in my book!  He got the arearrages awarded for me and got Child Support Services to collect it.  He kept me calm & collected and made the best of a bad situation.  I would definitely recommend using this attorney for all divorce related issues. "

Sheryl G.

"Randy is first class professional calm and does a great job.  He isn't one to play games he is fair and honest and that's why he prevails. Judges respect him." 

Angelica E.

"Divorce is an incredibly painful thing to go through. Under my circumstances, I knew my divorce would be easy, legal wise, but that does not mean my soul is not breaking. Randy and his assistant Betsy have been there to take care of all the paperwork to lessen the stress on me. I think that if you can afford a lawyer, you absolutely should get one. There are a lot of intricacies to the legal system and the last thing I wanted was to fill out the paperwork wrong and elongate the time it takes for my divorce to complete. Randy has been doing family law for many years, close to 30 years if I am not mistaken. His prices are very reasonable. If you are reading reviews for divorce attorneys, you must be living through something that has taken away your joy. Call the office for a consultation, I know I'll get through this and so can you. "

Dave A.

"Randy is awesome at what he does.  I have had to ask him a few questions and he has been professional and extremely helpful.  He knows how to explain things in English and doesn't make you feel like you don't know anything.  I am impressed with how professional he is even in casual conversations and I know that he gives great advice.  He is a great person to talk to if you just need to understand something about family law or are in need of a modification.  You won't be sorry about the service you get nor the advice."

Robyn R.

"I needed a divorce badly , I was advised by a friend to go speak and consult with Randall Sundeen, within 6 months I was divorced!!! Betsy his assistant was always keeping me informed every step of the way, she is super friendly, becomes your friend instantly. Everything went super smooth , during a very stressful time. I highly recommend this law office , prices are great , service is great ! I hopefully will not need a divorce again , considering I'm getting married in just a few weeks here......but if I do I will go to this law office." 

Anthony B.

"Randy came highly recommended.  His decades of experience, knowledge of the system and reputation has proven to be successful.  Most importantly, "Randy Cares".  When dealing with child custody issues, it is so important to have an attorney that cares.  Randy not only has the expertise, but also a heart.  This has proven priceless to my family.  I strongly recommend the Law Offices of Randall Sundeen to anyone dealing with family matters. Blessings!"

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